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The Z-16 Series

Pardus Story

When the Federation's Z-15 Series went rogue they found themselves faced with yet another dilemma. Their revenues from trade were still high, their stockpiles of raw materials were still plentiful, but as always personnel was tight, and now time became a limiting factor as well as the Z-15 Series continuing to wreak even further havoc upon them.

Despite heavy opposition from several of the Federation's key officials, construction commenced on the new advanced prototype Z-16 Series. Strengthened hulls to be able to combat the ionically enhanced metals of the Z-15s, as well as increased offensive and defensive capabilities, the Z-16 Fighters were unmatched in combat simulations, even by some of the Federation's top fighter pilots.

The Z-16 Series was tasked with a single mission, to hunt down and destroy the rogue spacecraft throughout the galaxy. However, sometimes even the most intelligent species fail to learn from their mistakes.

Fitted with the same advanced AI system that ran the Z-15 Series, the Z-16s found their own code scrambled by the radioactive interference that surrounded their mechanical brothers upon first contact, proving once again to the Federation that the universe is far too vast for any one species to understand in its entirety, and that evolution simply cannot be contained.