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The Unscrupulous

Pardus Story

Ever since the galaxies opened their doors to the mortal races, both the noble and the ignoble have passed through, the selfless and the greedy, the virtuous and the unscrupulous. Just as thieves roamed the marketplaces in ancient times, and as thugs patrolled the dark alleyways, searching for easy prey, when the coin took to space, so too did hundreds of thousands of men and women follow in search of it.

With the trade routes across the galaxies growing ever longer and ever more numerous, piracy has grown all the more frequent, and all the harder to police. The Empire, the Federation, and the Union have all felt the affects of these idealistic deviants, more often than not enlisting the aid of bounty hunters from all reaches of the galaxy to put a stop to their thievery.

Their mark upon the current age is one that cannot go overlooked however, though it can go wholly ignored. Building the very foundation of their own economy, known as the Black Market, the unscrupulous provide goods and services that few industries, whether they know it or not, could have prospered without.

Wholesale goods, found at drastically reduced prices by anonymous sellers, even to this day are the cornerstone of up and coming businesses seeking to make their way in the worlds. Cheap labor, like that found in any major galactic industry, is the most essential fuel for keeping stockpiles high while keeping prices low. High above the planets' atmosphere, CEOs find the distance far too great to see the slave labor that runs the lowest ranks of their own companies, content instead upon pointing fingers at the shady traders and their crooked transactions.

Despite their role in the cosmos, despite the sets of morals they have chosen to either embrace or discard as they patrol the far reaches of the galaxies, these men and women remain the most veritable threat to any space-going explorer. Many of the unscrupulous are content simply with relieving wayfarers of their cargo, while others are known for leaving adventurers with naught but an oxygen tank and a mask. Others still, though stories are rarely passed on about them, steal even the lives of their prey, leaving absolutely no trace of their crimes. It is these men and women who are to be approached with extreme caution... if one is so fortunate enough as to even see them coming.