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Space Dragons

Pardus Story

Long before the Keldons, the Ska'ari, the Rashkiri, and the Humans even took to the far reaches of space, had many of these newborn species already been connected by the tomes of their own unique histories. Revered as Gods by some cultures, feared as harbingers of death in others, the ancient Dragons nonetheless find themselves intertwined in the myths and legends of nearly all intelligent life, a creature barely understood until now.

The vastness of space their natural habitat, the mythological Dragons have roamed the cosmos for countless millennia before even the Keldonians first ventured beyond their own atmosphere. Colonial creatures by nature, broods have been reported to consist of up to 400 Dragons, each and every offspring wholly devout to their queen.

Though powerful in their mature state, these creatures no longer hold the divine status they had centuries ago, hunted by the growing number of corporations interested in the trade of their valuable scales and other commodities. Gifted with a cunning bestial intelligence, Dragons are keen hunters and artful warriors themselves; entire broods have been known to strike back at industrial poachers that dare dispatch one of their own.

Sensing the growing threat to their kind and their survival, forced to watch as members of their brood were stolen away from them, Dragons have grown ever more hostile throughout the whole of the universe, unwilling to share their homes with those who would threaten to claim it for themselves.