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Pardus Story

Descending from the very same taxonomic Order as the serpents found on Class M and A planets such as Earth, Keldana, and Rashkan, the space dwelling variety differ little from their grounded cousins. Their limbless, elongated bodies, covered in a scaly plating as tough as the hulls of any warship, these vicious hunters are driven at all times by their bestial need to feed.

Despite the numerous different types of serpents that have been found to slither the solid terrains of planets, only a select few species have been found to exist in space, their bodies equipped, unlike their cousins, for the toils of this far different medium.

Like many land-snakes, Space Serpents are highly venomous, their saliva a mixture of neurotoxins and hemotoxins which attack both the nervous and circulatory systems of their prey. Special muscular glands exist within their mouths also that allow them to spit their corrosive venom as a defense mechanism against other creatures, their powerful jaws propelling these globules and the vacuum of space doing the rest.

Their unique anatomy has long since foregone the need of lungs, developing instead organs that resemble gills, breathing off the nebula gases that abound in the various sectors. Lateral undulation is also no longer the Space Serpent's primary mode of locomotion, saccular ventricles located at the end of the Serpent's tail releasing high pressured bursts of nebula gas instead to fuel the snake's momentum, much like rocket propulsion. They do however continue to utilize an undulating motion to steer themselves at the high speed they are capable of reaching, giving them their specie's trademark serpentine slither.