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Lucidi Warship

Lucidi Warship

The Lucidi Warship, LWS for short, is very dangerous! It's used to gain skills when Lucidi Squads dont give skills anymore, so only for the high-end-skiller. The LWS uses Lucidi Redeemer missiles, which will blow away more than 500 armor points on a x5 armor!


Pardus Story:

Frontrunner of the Lucidian armada, the Lucidi Warships most often strike the first blow in any major battle in the reborn Pardus Cluster. Many stationed permanently at the wormholes leading into the Pardus Sector, these Warships bring with them the very scent of battle. Armed at full capacity with a half dozen Lucidi fighters, and over three dozen gun turrets, from no angle is this space cruiser blind to other approaching vessels, many times blasting opponents from the sky before their enemies even find them within range.