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Lucidi Squad

Lucidi Squad

The Lucidi Squad, LS for short, is very dangerous! Be careful when you have low skills and/or a weak ship, the missiles with an ART of 10 can even kill an experienced pilot. The squad moves only on fuel tiles, so you're safe in energy, ore and nebula. However, if you are on a fuel tile next to a LS, it can move on top of you and you can't retreat. It'll kill you unless someone (or yourself) manages to kill it first! Another dangerous habit of the LS are the long retreat holds. Lucidi Squads can cloak too, so you could meet one in open space and with some bad luck, it'll prevent some of your retreat attempts.

On the other hand, it's the best choice to skill after you finished skilling on Euryales (mid 80s skills). Just attack for 11 Rounds, because then the LS can only fire one missile. Carry enough robots with you, otherwise you'll die quickly (Retreat hold).


Pardus Story:

Though the smallest vessels in the Lucidian fleet, the Lucidi Squad fighters are not to be underestimated. Powered by the luminescent green glow that binds the whole of the Lucidi as one, these single manned spacecraft fly not only with the advanced weaponry of the Lucidian fleet, but with an enhanced speed and maneuverability as well. Also, if the rumors of the Lucidians' descendancy are true, these crafts are piloted by none other than the sons and daughters of the veteran soldiers of the First Great War, often times leaving pilots that happen upon these fighters with the option neither to fight or flee.