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Lucidi Mothership

Lucidi Mothership

The Lucidi Mothership, LMS for short, is the most dangerous NPC in Pardus! A single missile from this monster can deal 1,000 armor damage to x5 armor! To kill such a monster, you need a handful of powerful ships with high-end skills.


Pardus Story:

Flagship of the Lucidian armada, the Lucidi Mothership boasts not only the most advanced weapon systems of any space-going vessel, but is also one of the many carriers of the trademark Lucidi glow, the energy source that fuels these massive space behemoths. Often flanked by a half dozen of its armada's warships, the Lucidi Mothership has the tactical capacity to house over three dozen Lucidi fighters and scouts, a true testament to space warfare each pilot should be wholly wary of.