Pardus Clock (i)
Your time GMT APs Building Planet Starbase Server Reset Shield Leech E Matter NPC Roam Luci/Z Roam
88:88:88 88:88:88 88:88 88:88:88 88:88:88 88:88:88 88:88:88 88:88 88:88 88:88 88:88 88:88
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Pardus Story:

Dependent on machines in order to sustain them in open space, all kinds and classes of humanoids have managed to maintain their scandalous ways of life across the many sectors of the universe. Whether it is the lure of easy money or agendas known only to themselves, humanoids influence the cosmos more than any other classification of life.

All too often found stealing, deceiving and even murdering, the most threatening assets that all humanoids share is their intelligence and cunning as they struggle to carve their mark upon the universe. Underestimating this factor is likely to lead to an untimely termination from the universe.