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Energy Forms

Pardus Story

Even in the dense, blue energy fields that surround the numerous sectors of the universe, where space travel is severely limited, have the wombs of life been discovered. From within these massive blue fields, solidified masses of the very energy itself have been emerging for eons, as any space-goer has undoubtedly witnessed at one point or another, slowly moving their way outward from the shroud of blue camouflage.

Just how many remain hidden within the limitless expanses of these energy fields is unknown, but with each passing day more and more of these lifeforms emerge from the depths of the blue fields. Swarming in clusters, or exploring the expanses of the galaxies themselves, the Energy Forms seem intent upon continuing their existence, but to what end still remains a mystery.

Though questions still remain about their sentience, Energy Forms are generally accepted to be non-sentient forms of life, even though some display the curiously familiar traits of any hive-minded specie. Scouts, drones, and a very hive itself, these creatures continue to intrigue scientists, researchers, and industries. Their makeup of pure energy, far denser and far more concentrated than the fields themselves, these lifeforms exist as an untapped resource many hope to one day harness.