Pardus Clock (i)
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Pardus Story

Just as the vast expanse of space makes tiny planets pale in comparison, so too are these organisms that continue the life cycle amidst the stars monstrous beasts in relation to their miniscule cousins. Despite their grotesque appearance however they are generally quite harmless, their purpose in this universe a truly humble one; to cleanse the world of the dead so that life may be born anew.

Feasting upon the decaying matter the universe discards and converting it into a nutrient rich, gelatinous slime that is then secreted through pores on their undersides, Biodegraders are more of a nuisance to space travelers than anything else. Their secretions often clouding visors and clogging exhausts, the upkeep they cause ships to require is perhaps the greatest annoyance a pilot faces today.

Their seemingly inexhaustible numbers, paired with their lack of a central nervous system with which to feel pain (and hopefully tastebuds so that they might not have to taste their meals) maggots, worms, and the like are popular game for sport hunters, young outlaws, or merely those in need of target practice.